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Zeus Beard

Zeus Mustache Styling Wax, Mega Hold

$18.00 USD

Firm hold for all mustache styles, all day wear Medium consistency for no-fuss application Water-based formula for easy rinse-outs Goes on clear Contents: 10 ml | 0.34 fl oz Tired of reapplying your droopy mustache throughout the day? Zeus Mustache Styling Wax features a superior formula that maintains the shape of your 'stache all day. It sculpts tough, unruly hairs into a godly 'stache. Formulated to transform facial hair with a mega strong hold, it offers the flexibility to create perfect twists and handle bars. The consistency is best described as a cross between a paste and a gel. Goes on clear and holds all day. Its water-based formula allows for easy rinse-outs. Made in Germany.