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Justin is a men's hair specialist and has been for 17yrs. He is excellent with all degrees of fades, tapers, classic cuts, creative cuts, razor cuts & kids cuts. Justin cuts hair to create the perfect balance between weight and length to ensure your hair grows out well. He has been educated by Vidal Sassoon, American Crew & other various educators. Most importantly, Justin is passionate about his craft and works on giving his clients the best experience possible.

Ashley comes to us from Colorado with several years of experience and passion for men's hair. She is adept with all different hair textures and styles, from beard trims to kids hair, and has a love for beautiful fades. Ashley is ultra creative and fun. She enjoys working on putting together legit costumes with her husband in her down time, along with spending time with her little ones.

If you are looking for an Allstar stylist look no further! Jackie has been cutting hair for 12 years and has been specializing in men’s hair for half of that. Capable of doing any style you throw at her. Jackie’s abilities at cutting hair at far greater then the price you will pay. Timely, trendy, knowledgeable and keen eye for detail make her a great find. Jackie plays hockey as a goalie and has one of the best attitudes I’ve ever been around! She’s a keeper.
I became interested in hair when I was 11- my sister was in cosmetology school and she’d test her coloring and cutting techniques out on my brother and I, I was fascinated with it, my biggest passion rises from the straight razor, which ultimately helped my decision of going to barber school. Barbering has taught me, my true passion is building relationships and doing my part to make others feel good about themselves. When I’m not in the salon, I like to go on adventures to new places with my girlfriend, I golf frequently and read nightly. One day I’d like to pet a lion.