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Hibi Incense Matches

$14.00 USD


An elegant incense, cleverly designed to work like a box of matches. Crafted collaboratively by two respected, long-time makers of incense and matches in Japan. 

Hibi creates a new, inventive way of enjoying the relaxing aromas of incense and introduces a mixture of refined fragrances from classics like Lavender to Japanese essentials like Yuzu. Each stick will burn for about 10 minutes, but the aroma will linger. No lighting device necessary - just strike the incense match on the side of the box and enjoy.

Materials: wood, fragrance

Made by: Hibi (Collaboration between Kobe Match + Daihatsu Incense Co.)

Made in: Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Specifications: Available in two sizes: 8 sticks/box or 30 sticks/box (10 minutes burn time per stick)

Instructions: Strike the head of the stick on the side of the box just like a typical match. Tilt downward for 5 seconds. Blow out and lay it on Hibi's exclusive round mat while it releases its gentle bouquet (don't worry, the patent pending Hibi mat is not flammable).