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Upcycled Cotton Watch-Cap

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A slightly thinner yarn than our main Eco-cotton watch cap makes this a great transitional hat for year-round wear!

Washing Instructions
Spot clean by hand as needed. Do not bleach. Lay flat to dry.

Knit in Waterloo, NY by our friends at Mozaic. Finished in Brooklyn.

Size & Fit
One Size
Length: 11-12" (without fold)

Knit cotton is prone to stretch so if your hat feels a bit tight when you receive it, just a little wear will allow it to adjust to your head. If you feel your hat starts to loosen over time, you can give it a hand-wash in warm water, lay it flat to dry, and it should spring right back. Cotton is a lighter material, so these hats are meant to be worn as transitional hats. If you would prefer a warmer option, take a look at our Upcycled Wool Watchcaps!

The watchcap is a style that's existed for well over 100 years, though it's most commonly associated with WWII US Navy personnel. A watchcap is a shorter hat, traditionally meant to be worn folded above the ears. However, you can also wear it unfolded, rolled, double-folded, etc.