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Spirits WIth Smoke

Starter Smoked Cocktail Kit

$82.50 USD

All of our Starter Smoked Cocktail Kits contain the essential ingredients to start making restaurant quality drinks at home! We’ve chosen the best three aromatic wood types to get your bar started: Cherry, Maple & Oak! Each different type of wood provides a unique aroma and flavour! Each kit also contains two hand-crafted aromatic bitters from Canadian companies. Last but not least, each kit contains 100% organic boutique Maple Syrup straight from Quebec.

With our starter smoked cocktail kit, it’s easy to create memorable experiences with your friends and family and showcase your bartending skills!

*NOTE* Bitters selection may vary due to demand and availability.

All of our lumber is locally sourced and hand-selected. This ensures that each disk produces the best aroma possible.