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Fellas Haberdashery & Salon

The Beard Kit

$130.00 USD

The Beard Kit Includes:

  • Premium Shears: Exquisitely crafted shears are forged from the finest quality Japanese stainless steel and designed specifically for dealing with the coarse facial hair of the beard. These precision shears are expertly weighted and perfectly balanced for a flawless finish, free of hassles, splits and snags. Featuring a brushed gold surface and ergonomic fabrication, these shears are made for carving out your magnificence- in style.
  • Cellulose Acetate Comb: This handsome comb is precision-cut from a single sheet of cellulose acetate. The teeth are then expertly buffed and polished down for smooth and effortless styling. With it’s elegant faux tortoise shell finish, portable size and premium weighted design, this classic tool will always be ready to go.
  • Beard Bib: An ingenious solution to an age-old grooming problem. This handy bib saves time and clean up efforts by catching hair when shaving or trimming. No mess and no clogged drains. It couldn't be easier to use - just wear it like an apron and use the two suction cups to stick the Beard Bib to your mirror. Once you're done, just lower to a trash bin and release the hair!
  • Moustache Brush: This classic wood-handled Moustache Brush is made using a combination of nylon and natural boar bristles for maximum control and shine. Firm bristles massage, smooth and tame, while helping to disperse natural oils. Perfectly sized for home or travel.