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Cocktail Smoking Kit

Half Circle Cocktail Smoking Board

$129.50 USD

Live life with a twist. Create breathtaking moments with our 19” Old-Fashioned Half-Circle board. Perfect for small events and gatherings, the half-circle design has the capacity of smoking up to ten glasses at a time. It also has a lifespan of up to 1,500 cocktails and takes up less space on the bar. The Old-Fashioned Half-Circle is made with the SWS Signature Five woods.

SWS Signature Five Wood Flavors:

CHERRY: Light intensity smoke. Fruity and sweet notes.

HICKORY: Medium intensity smoke. Tobacco and spiced notes.

MAPLE: Light intensity smoke. Smooth and molasses, with toffee notes.

OAK: Medium intensity smoke. Vanilla, oak, nutty notes.

WALNUT: Heavy intensity smoke. Earthy and charcoal notes.

How to add smoke:

  • Select wood brick
  • Use a torch and burn wooden brick for 30 seconds until it has an independent flame.
  • Use empty glass to cover the Flame.
  • While glass smokes, create your cocktail.
  • Strain the completed cocktail into the smoked glass.
  • Add Ice, Serve and Enjoy!
Weight .9 kg
Dimensions 24.13 × 48.26 × 1.905 cm